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Services of MERP


Let you become a solid business-win entrepreneur

Doing business with a solid business operation system can quickly help your business grow bigger and stronger. What we promote is enterprise system education, mainly for SMEs and entrepreneurs' operational management problems and business process mismatches. Many companies’ operating problems and pain points come from the chaotic business process and the lack of systematic operation of the entire business model. We use a cloud ERP system that conforms to the corporate management system to help you solve current problems with light assets and improve company efficiency, cooperation between partners and employees.


Multi-industry systemization

How do several companies conduct resource planning efficiently? How to establish the operating structure in a precise manner? The modularization of the MERP system can be designed according to the manager's overall thinking, and provides independent and clear accounting accounts, so that the work can be done simply, directly and easily.


Project engineering coordination

The business has been taken over continuously, and many projects have been carried out at the same time. However, in the case of insufficient manpower, lack of coordination in work arrangements, unbalanced resource allocation, improper arrangements for fees and expenditures for each work item, or lack of experience in the accounting staff, etc., this will cause major losses and potential economic harm to the company. The project processing of MERP can greatly improve your efficiency and let you know clearly how much you can earn for each business project. The project progress also provides you with a progress tracking table management, so you can see how much is completed at a glance!


Cost center control

Product cost control in MERP is a highly integrated module. Whether it is a production cost center or an indirect cost center, there are cost inputs and outputs. Input and output are calculated in different ways, so costs often appear difference. Through MERP, the cost incurred in each link of the product or production can be fully monitored, so as to achieve effective control of product costs.


Data report analysis

For business managers, MERP data reports are no longer just looking at a single information result, but the system's real-time important data report, displaying report information in a selective format for analysis. Make sales forecasts based on customer order status, shipment status, inventory balance, etc. With sales forecasts as a basis, entrepreneurs can plan ahead more efficiently. The purchasing department can also analyze the purchasing plan, reduce the lack of delivery, and make the entire supply chain more complete, with a complete supply chain support, and the company's inventory management is more accurate, reducing the generation of sluggish inventory and reducing the company's inventory cost pressure. The use of MERP data report analysis enables companies to make more accurate decision-making analysis to improve business performance and create real business value with data.


Invoicing management

Purchase, sales, inventory and inspection processes are indispensable ERP management modules for enterprises. Transaction operations can seamlessly integrate real-time data, and can fully meet the management application requirements of different industries. Different industries involve different application modules to process order corrections, customized file formats, and installment payment. We use the high-efficiency MERP inventory inspection function to reduce the management and operation time of the enterprise, assist the enterprise to improve the business, and improve the efficiency of the enterprise's core operation management.

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